What is the biggest problem preventing good project execution?




Doing projects is your LIFE BLOOD, right?

The WAY you do your projects determines not only the success of your project, but YOUR FUTURE!

The reasons why projects falter are NUMEROUS:

  • People not having all the information they require
  • Suppliers may be disorganised, their goods/services not being ready when required
  • There may be misunderstandings over what the client will do or provide, and what the project manager thought he would do/provide
  • Some people do not co-operate, or simply are being unreasonable
  • People do not listen or pay attention to what your requirements are
  • Conflict within your project team
  • Etc, etc

You CANNOT AFFORD that one of these obstacles derails your project.

Strong arm tactics may help sometimes, but could have disastrous effects.

Our short, affordable ONLINE COURSE is designed to help you deal effectively with the typical project execution problems.

It focuses on EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION as being the key.


The course is CPD accredited with ECSA

Can this course revolutionize your PROJECTS?
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You will LEARN:

  • Why so many large projects suffer from delays / over-runs
  • How to deal with difficult customers and team members
  • How to use emails and meetings effectively 
  • How to develop a “Communication Mindset”, and use that to maintain good relations with your customers

I have been involved in project management for 35 years –  working on huge projects, as well as teaching hundreds of engineering students how to manage projects.


Feedback from participants

Dr Kuvenashan Moodley: Research Director in University Post-Grad Research Group

To what extent was this course relevant to the work you are doing?

I found applicability in all aspects of the modules to the work I am currently doing. I am currently initiating the implementation of some of the material we covered on effective communication and project monitoring within my own team.

In which way does the “COMPLEXITY” aspect of large projects affect you in your work?

Complexity comes in significantly in project grant contracts that constitute numerous postgraduate studies and researchers. A challenge here as the project manager is piecing together the project deliverables from the individual post graduate projects. This is because post graduate degree projects have unique rules and requirement and must constitute significant novelty and scope in order for the degree to be viable. Hence it is not always straightforward to directly align project deliverables to individual post graduate degree deliverables.


Ms Lungile Zungu: Junior Project Manager

What aspects of the concept of “A COMMUNICATION MINDSET” do you find useful and why?

Understanding and role of individual I find them very useful. In a team each individual needs to understand his role so that everyone will contribute.

In the module “MANAGING THE HUMAN ELEMENT”, what aspects did you find particularly useful and why?

Trust building and willing co-operation I found them very useful, I must build trust so that other team members can trust and then co-operate.


Dr Khalid Osman: Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Why did you register for this course?

I registered to gain advice on how to better manage people and complete projects on time.

In which way does the “COMPLEXITY” aspect of large projects affect you in your work?

Projects can be highly complex in a technical sense as well as in the sense of scheduling everyone in harmony with their other obligations.


Mr Thokozo Hlongwane: Project Manager


In which way were the ideas relative to “Using Emails and Meetings efficiently” useful in your everyday work?

Emails are professional way of communicating in a business environment, they keep records that one can reflect on for details. Meetings on the other hand are important for sharing ideas on how to better improve the project. In our site we normally have meetings every Monday to reflect on a previous week progress and obstacles for came across. All staff members are allowed to comment and raise their concerns for us to resolve or relay to HR or management.

How well did the format of the course (teaching session and subsequent Q&A session) satisfy the reason why you enrolled for the course?

The flow of each module was set precisely, each module was linked or a continuation of a previous one and I found them very informative, and worth taken into practice in the workplace. As for the Q and A, we able to reflect on what we have studied and got different ideas from individuals, their different perceptions did build a big and clear picture of the module.


Professor David Lokhat: Academic Leader Department of Chemical Engineering

Why did you register for this course?

Projects are central to a lot of the work that we do. Research mostly, but also in the strategic projects we undertake at the department and faculty level. I was interested to see what guidance could be provided on the timeous and effective completion of such projects.

Which was the most valuable Module for you, and why?

Communication. At the top, sometimes it is easy to delegate and forget. But continuous monitoring is essential to maintain momentum in the project.


Yes, I am interested.


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