These courses are presented ONLINE, using ZOOM.

Modules are presented one week apart. Each module includes exercises to amplify the learning material.


This course is for TEAM LEADERS


  1. Establish a shared VISION
  2. Monitor Team’s PROGRESS
  3. Learn to deal with the UNEXPECTED
  4. COMMUNICATE effectively with client and team members
  5. Pursue new OPPORTUNITIES
  6. MOTIVATE your team

COST: US$ 250-00 per person. Booking is essential

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The quality of your communication reflects your competence

Module 1

  • What is effective communication?
  • The impact of poor communication
  • Communicating with clients

Module 2

  • Communicating across authority levels
  • The importance of timing
  • Communication and relationships in business

Module 3

  • Communication for policy- making, strategic planning
  • Communication in conflict situations

Module 4

  • Verbal communication: face-face, presentation
  • Communicating sensitive issues
  • Written communication: e-mails, letters, reports

Module 5

  • Written communication – information, instructions, social media
  • Ethical issues in communication
  • Getting feedback from customers

COST: US$ 150-00 per person. Booking is essential

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