Our Story

Dr Wolfgang Bernhardt is an engineer by profession. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and is a registered professional Engineer. Much of his working life has been in Higher Education. Apart from engineering qualifications, he also holds a post-graduate Bachelor of Education degree. He is an assessor of University programmes in Chemical Engineering for the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), a statutory accreditation body.

He has worked for 13 years as a Research Leader and Head of Department for an Industrial Research Organization . Dr Bernhardt is passionate about training managers. He has numerous academic publications, both in the technical as well as the management field. He has mentored hundreds of senior university students and supervised scores of multidisciplinary project teams. He has taught Project Management and Labour Relations to senior engineering students for more than 20 years. Dr Bernhardt is the author of many published newspaper articles on a range of management topics, and is also the author of the book: BE AN EFFECTIVE MANAGER. His passion is to empower leaders to build highly successful TEAMS.


Management is all about relating with other people. The quality of our relationships with other people determines our effectiveness. The focus in the book is how to build up people.

Two complex concepts which managers need to understand clearly are those of authority and decision-making. I trust that as you read this book you will  be challenged to become a better manager, and as you make some of the principles covered in this book part of your everyday practice, you will experience the joy that comes with being an effective manager.


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